• 4/30/16, Saturday 3pm Duck Store (Upstairs) UO Campus, Eugene, OR
    Author readings by Chris Scofield and Laura Notaro
    Free event.
  • 5/6/16 Friday 3:30pm–4:30pm U of O Browsing Room, Knight Library.
    UO Campus,  Eugene. OR
    2016 CSWS Northwest Women Writers Symposium:
    “Fearless Journeys on the Edge: A Literary Conversation with Ariel Gore & Chris Scofield,” moderated by Valerie Brooks.
  • 7/2/16 Saturday 11am–1pm and 5pm–7pm. Art in the Vineyard, Alton Baker Park, Eugene, OR
    Oregon Authors Table


MEDIA/PR CONTACT: Susannah Lawrence, Akashic Books | 718.643.9193

Akashic Books upcoming events

Further Contact Info:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/chrisscofieldwriter
TWITTER: twitter.com/ChrisScofield2
PUBLISHER: Johanna Ingalls, Managing Editor at Akashic Books
LITERARY AGENT: Carrie Howland, Donadio & Olson


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